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TTO Resource Pack - 1

Stock Code: AHP0279

The Ashtons TTO (to take out) Dispensing Resource Pack consists of all of the items a nurse will need to dispense small quantities of medicines to patients. This is ideal when patients are discharged for unplanned leave or emergency discharge. It should not replace the patients' TTOs for planned leave or discharge.

Please note all the items contained within the pack can also be ordered individually.

CARTONS: PAC020 - FO (=D75) x 6 PAC035 - F6 (TC6) x 5 PAC022 - F2 (TC7) x 3 PAC041 - F15 (TC11) x 3 PAC041 - F15 (TC11) x 3

PRESCRIPTION BAGS PAC043 - Medium x 10 PAC044 - Large x 5

PRE-CAPPED MEDICINES BOTTLE PAC001 - 35ml x 8 PAC002 - 75ml X 3 PAC058 - 100ml x 3


MEASURING CUPS AHP2712 - 30ml x 2 AHP5914 - 60ml x 2

LABELS AHP1104 - TTP x 30

ORAL SYRINGE AHP0587 - 10ml x 1

PENS AHP2673 - Ashtons x 1

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